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Support system update

Posted by Blair Nichols in Announcements

We are currently in final testing of our new customer support system. We have spoken with some of our clients, looked at our competitors systems and other dedicated support systems and have taken functionality and features from all.

As the majority of our software systems are online and browser based we felt that it would be adventagious to make use of this. In this update you will now be able to raise support tickets, feature requests and support bug reports from within your Cloud3D system. You will also be able to view current and past tickets, add updates, ask questions and read responses. The system will also send email notifications to any stakeholders related to the system whenever a ticket is opened, closed or a response is added. This new system will only be available for customers who have their system updated after the next flexViews release.

We will also be adding a customer support section to our website for those who do not want to update or are using one of our other services. It will include an open area with FAQ's, support articles and a secure client area where clients can view current and closed tickets, raise new tickets and respond to ticket feedback.

This new system will be rolled out in phases starting with the in application ticket creation followed by the cloud3D website customer portal.