Cloud3D Ltd is based in Aberdeen Scotland and specialises in the design, prototyping and development of bespoke software and hardware projects ranging from IOT (Internet Of Things) devices and systems, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and UASs (Unmanned Aerial Systems), Drones and integrated software solutions. Our in-house services including; 3D printing and design, software development, machining, turning, PCB design and development and fully equipped electronic and assembly workshop allow us full control over a project.

UAV Drone design buliding services

UAV Design & Development

UAV Design & Development

We use our engineering, software and electronic knowledge to design and build UAV's to perform a specific task, carry a payload or meet a desired flight time.

Our in-house 3D printing machines, CNC machines and workshop enable us to quickly and cost effectively make prototypes and changes without having to outsource many services that would otherwise impact on project deadlines.
3D printing services

3D Printing

3D Printing

Our in-house 3D printers are purpose built to provide the most consistent and dimensionally correct parts possible.

We can print in PLU, PLU+, PETG, Nylon, ABS, TPU as well as composite materials.

Our prints have been used for prototyping, working models, sales, ornamental purposes and have been supplied to customers all over the UK.
3D design services

3D Design

3D Design

We can take your ideas, notes, plans or designs and convert them into working 3D models.

These 3D models can then be animated, rendered as high resolution images or 3D printed as prototypes.

We can also supply the models in multiple file formats for your own use.
Prototyping services



We can bring together all our years of experience, skills and machinery to create fully functional working prototypes.

We can 3D model, 3d print, machine, turn and cast as well as design and produce electronics, PCB's and integrate with other microprocessors and systems.
software development aberdeen

Software Development

Software Development

At the heart of our business is software development.

We can develop in most languages and environments but specialise in Microsoft technologies.
pcb design and development

PCB Design & Development

PCB Design & Development

To complement our prototyping and UAV development services we are able to design and produce PCBs.

We can create one off designs or offer complete design to production including component sourcing and manufacture.

On site we have IR heaters, reflow stations, PCB microscopes and advanced soldering facilities. We also carry stock of over 10,000 components.
The OGTC Aberdeen


The OGTC is based in Aberdeen and actively funds technology and innovation within the oil and gas industry and supports its partners right from concept to deployment and beyond.

Cloud3D Ltd has received funding and support to help to develop a number of UAVs specific to the oil and gas industry.
Air Control Entech

Air Control Entech

Air Control Entech are a leading provider of inspection solutions to the Energy sector. They deploy custom teams combining drone (UAV) and rope access (RA) personnel and technologies to carry out inspection work scopes.

Cloud3D Ltd have worked with Air Control Entech to deliver a number of bespoke UAVs.
Made in Britain

Made In Britain

Cloud3D Ltd is accredited with the Made in Britain marque as all our UAVs and products have been manufactured in Britain.

Where possible we also source our parts in Britain and all labour is provided by our Aberdeen based team.
T-Motor propulsion systems


Cloud3d partnered with T-motor as we believe them to be the best motor company in the business. T-Motor design and develop the most reliable, efficient and durable motors we have come across.
TBS Team Black Sheep


YouTube favourite Casey Neistat under investigation by the FAA

YouTube superstar Casey Neistat is allegedly under investigation by the FAA for his illegal drone flights in and around the airspace of New York. With over seven million subscribers and illegal drone footage featuring heavily in his daily vlogs for over a year now, is this too little too late? Will his star status give him a free ride or will the FAA make an example of him?

Posted 10:02am on Thursday 25th May 2017 by Blair Nichols in UAV & Drones
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Drone found by Apache ROV while operating from the Bibby Topaz at the Beryl field

A number of my clients have emailed and contacted me to make me aware of the recent article where a drone (UAV) was found by an ROV in the north sea. My clients have joked that it highlights that the Falcon 8 is not fit for purpose and it will help other operators using different craft get into the marketplace. They have also asked if this will have an impact on the use of UAVs in the Oil and Gas inspection industry.

Posted 11:49am on Friday 28th April 2017 by Blair Nichols in UAV & Drones
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New support system being rolled out to existing clients

After positive feedback following testing, the latest flexViews build now includes the new support system. Clients on our auto update service will see the changes in their applications this month when we push the latest update. If you are not on the auto update service and wish to be upgraded please get in touch.

Posted 11:30am on Thursday 9th March 2017 by Blair Nichols in General
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