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New support system being rolled out to existing clients

Posted by Blair Nichols in General

After positive feedback following testing, the latest flexViews build now includes the new support system. Clients on our auto update service will see the changes in their applications this month when we push the latest update. If you are not on the auto update service and wish to be upgraded please get in touch.

As mentioned in a previous announcement the new system allows users of any of our flexViews based software applications to raise, view and update support tickets from within the application itself. With a number of clients already using the system we have seen a reduction in the time to resolution already. This is partly due to visibility at our end, the ease of now raising a support request and finally due to the automated additional information we collect when a ticket is raised.

Some of the additional benefits of the new system include:

The ability for client system superusers to review and manage tickets as a first line support.

Data collection so we can identify common issues and if they are related to a specific operating system or browser.

Better visibility for clients, not just in the application but via the system generated update emails.

Customer portal will be the next phase of the new support system. This will include a FAQ's section and a support articles section.